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We set this page up so that we could keep an updated list of things that we are in need of. If you have something we need, you can get a coupon when you donate it worth a certain percentage off a product or service of Project Upcycle. The amount off depends on the donation made.

We need:

Food Grade 30 and 55 gallon drums are a need. We can use them for everything from vermicomposting to oxyhydrogen production, dehydration, to water storage or use them as donation/recycling bins. We can still use non food grade barrels, but please mark them as such with an x on the lid.

Batteries are another big need, primarily 6 volt spent lamp batteries [the boxy one] and of course 6 or 12v deep cycle batteries. However we can recycle everything from AAA to D and 9v,  We will also take spent car, truck and marine batteries, as we can trade the cores for batteries we need.

Rear Projection Televisions: The "big screen tv" of the 90's is actually filled with some pretty useful parts that we can use to make solar panels, reflectors, purification systems, capacitor banks, heating systems and more. If you are in the Austin Tx area and have a rptv that you are looking to dispose of we would be more than happy to pick it up for upcycling!

Refrigerators [non working, preferably drained of their refrigerant legally, THAT MEANS IT NEEDS A TAG BY AN HVAC PROFESSIONAL UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO RANT TO YOU FOR HALF AN HOUR ABOUT HOW BAD YOU ARE RAPING MOTHER EARTH! Seriously freon DOES NOT occur naturally. If you can't have it done right, just leave the refrigerant intact] these are going to be the home to our myoculture projects, growing organic mushrooms for their insulating root system (plus you get buku mushrooms!) This root system will be tested for use as a replacement for fiberglass insulation.

Scrap 2x3, 2x4, 4x4, and 4x6 boards, 4x8 sheets of plywood or extruded foam insulation.

Roofing flashing in either steel or aluminum

UNCRUSHED aluminum cans (it is important that they aren't crushed so we can build convection heaters from them)

pvc/steel/copper/aluminum/galvanized pipe and fittings can be used to move, heat, cool, mix, or pressurize liquids.

Junk, scrap, and promotional discs. CDs, DVDs, AOL, Net Zero, Old install discs, music you don't listen to anymore or that is scratched. We want your discs to use as a parabolic reflecting medium, they are easy to clean, and when they get old we can turn them back into oil so they don't ever go to a landfill!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at (without the 333)


We are looking to host "Upcycled Radio" with music from local artists as well as renewable energy talks all bundled together into a podcast and broadcast over amateur radio. The CDs sent in from artists will be used as a parabolic reflecting medium after the data has been pulled off.

If you have any old radio equipment that you would like put to good use we would more than appreciate it.

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