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I feel like I have spent a ridiculous amount of money buying stuff I thought I needed only to find out it was a terrible decision. When I started this blog I wanted to consolidate the stuff I did like in one place to help other people in my situation.

When I am shopping for a particular product I research everything about it, what people liked and didn't like, then select the best one and give it a try. If I am using a product already and I really like it, I will contact the manufacturer/distributor and see if they offer an affiliate program.

Think of it as honest advertising. If I like a product enough to talk about it I will. If I don't like a product I will not hesitate to tell you why I don't like it, but I usually post about the stuff I think you should know about because I wish someone did the same thing for me before I spent all of my money!

If you click any of my blog links and buy anything through this blog, Project Upcycle gets a portion of the proceeds so we can keep helping our community with projects that make food, beautify the world, reduce waste, and bring people together.

Thank you for reading the blog, I hope you like it. I pretty much write as it comes out of my mind and I apologize if a spare curse word flies out every once in a while, but I try to keep it family friendly.


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