Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The best rc helicopter under $20 has to be the Syma S107

I can totally see why drones are so popular these days.

A friend of mine recently got a Syma S107 RC helicopter for her boyfriend. I can't put it down. Every time we go see her it's the first thing I go for and I play with it for almost as long as we are over there. It is fun, it's small, easy to fly, and it was only $20 shipped with Amazon prime! This isn't some $1,500 drone that you don't want to fly because it costs as much as your first car. If you crash this and it breaks (which I have yet to do in the entirety of my crash career with it) it's only $20 and two days for a brand new one. These things are popular enough that you can get spare or upgraded parts for almost all of it.

It plugs into a usb charger or you can charge it off your controller batteries. (Which is why you get rechargeables!) With the RAVPower 16,000 mah battery pack that I use for my phone I can charge this helicopter almost 100 times before I run out of juice and have to recharge. (there is an upgraded battery pack that has 2000mah more power and can get you an extra 10 charges) If I am near power I usually just plug in my smart wall charger and charge it off wall power for UNLIMITED FLY TIME! Just kidding! The battery would wear out after a certain number of cycles.

PRO TIP: ALWAYS WAIT 10 MINUTES between charging your batteries and using the helicopter to prolong battery life.

That is why you get spare parts or a second copter!

The following is an article on showing how to set the helicopters to Either A or B frequency so you can fly both at the same time

I have had an enormous amount of fun with this little helicopter, and if you do eventually crash it and break it (Which I have not managed to do) You can take it apart and replace the parts or use it as a spare parts copter for the next one you get.

You can strip it down to the bare bones for added flight time and a look into how simple a drone is to build! This one is two motors spinning two blades in an aluminum chassis. The blades are flexible and very impact resistant, so there is little to break and a bunch to learn.

I would easily say this is the best remote controlled toy for the money in 2015.
Do you have a sweet, sub $30 drone/copter/flying thing that we should know about? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading and happy flying!


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