Thursday, December 24, 2015


OH MY GOODNESS PEOPLE! I was babysitting for a few friends kids and when it came time to make food, not one of them knew how to cook pasta (Isn't spaghetti and meatballs one of the staple foods to teach your kids?), Really they didn't know anything about food for that matter. What you eat is a direct correlation to your chronic health. If you eat crap, you are going to live a crap life. If you eat fit, you will live a fit life.

Your food is your fuel, your body derives it's energy from what you put down your throat. Whole ingredients are chewed. This breaks the food down and creates more surface area while mixing in enzymes in your saliva that begin the digestion process before your food even hits your stomach. Remember how your mother told you to chew your food? This is what she was talking about.

Chewing makes your food more available to be absorbed. Unchewed food remains in chunks in your stomach and doesn't break down completely. So even though you ate, because you didn't chew well, its like you ate half.

How much food do you waste because you don't chew? What nutrients are you getting from the food you do chew?

A Big mac? Or sweet potatoes with onions and green beans? With the same calories: One is high in saturated fats and hydrogenated oils while the other is high in Fiber, Omegas 3 & 6, Vitamin A, B1, B5, B6, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Magnesium, and MORE!

So how do you teach your kids to cook when you don't know what foods add up to complete nutrition?
If you guessed Spartan Supper: You are RIGHT! Spartan Supper will generate a nutritionally complete set of ingredients that YOU have to find a way to combine and make delicious food.

Think of it as a game where, if you win you get to live a long happy healthy life looking absolutely beautiful from the day you are born until the rest of forever!

What is the catch? You can't stop playing this game. In fact, you are playing right now but you don't know your score. Every time you eat food with added sugar, you lose health points. Every time you eat foods with hydrogenated oils, you lose health points. Every time you eat sausage, you lose health points. It seems fine until you are 50 years into the game and you are running out of health points fast.

Spartan Supper makes minimalist diets. This means a minimal ingredient lists of nutrient dense foods. The benefit to this is being able to add other foods to reach your ideal Calorie count.

There are so many different flavors available to put together in different ways that taste A-MAZING! For instance there is this fruit called Durian that smells like stinky feet and tastes like sweet creamy goodness. Add a goat cheese feta and toss over sweet buttery infant spinach (Start with a few tablespoons of spinach seeds in a wide mouth mason jar with a sprouting lid, allow to grow until it looks like little spinach grass) top with Himalayan Sea Salt and enjoy. It's like a party of flavor in your mouth and all of your taste buds are invited!

Seriously, don't be afraid to try different foods together and chew them well. The flavors will completely transform in your mouth. So sit down and try to take note of the gastronomic journey you are about to embark on for the next 50 chews.

Spartan Supper is trying to raise funds for a front end developer to make the app faster and more user friendly. You would be AWESOME if you could do your part to make apps like this more available to the community. Please follow them on Twitter and share links to their page to help!

Happy Munching!

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