Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Switching to Commercal Paper Towels

I use paper towels because 15 minutes after you leave that damp rag on the counter, the bacteria that live there double in population. After an hour their numbers are 16 times what they started at. if it has been sitting there overnight? 250 million times. All bacteria need are moisture and a food source and they can thrive. So...I switched to paper towels. it turns out, commercial is cheaper than residential paper towels. You can buy a wall mounted automatic paper towel dispenser and never have to worry about spreading the bacteria from your hands back onto the roll of paper towels, because then you spread the bacteria around next time you grab a paper towel. Counter productive.

Georgia Pacific makes some quality paper towels that won't fall apart with frustrated spill-based agitation and they make an Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser that allows you to set the length of the paper towel down to as small as a half length towel. This is perfect for preserving your paper towels. This allows you to portion the paper towel based on the spill, so you don't waste a whole towel on a half towels spill!

If you have an amazon prime account you can buy them by the roll and get free two day shipping.
OR you can order them by the case of 6 and get them for almost half off! (Unfortunately they aren't prime eligible by the case.)

What do you do with all those left over paper towels? Put them in a separate bin and mix in a blue oyster mycelium kit (after you fruit the kit!) and grow some blue oyster mushrooms on them!

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