Thursday, December 24, 2015

Spartan Supper in The Cooking Game!

I have been wanting to develop a course to teach kids to cook using Spartan Supper, but I quickly found out that kids don't want to learn if they think it is a chore. It's like homework, It seems like something that you have to do in order to get on to the next day. This is counter productive and kids get hooked on the pink slime used as a filler in non organic meat products. This got to be such a big deal that Mcdonalds stopped using it to avoid a public boycott. Education for the win!

Health Points and Gold:

So how do you make cooking fun? Make it a game. Eating healthy, nutrient dense food is cheaper than buying the equivalent easy and fast foods to get your nutrients. So eating healthy not only gives you health points, but it also gets you more gold! Leaving you more cash at the end of the year for whatever bonus things you want to do or buy.

Bonus Level:

In the two months since switching over to a nutrient dense diet from Spartan Supper, I have saved over $200 on groceries. If I keep this up all year, that's $1200 in savings that I can spend on me. Want acupuncture and massage every month until next year? Why not! Want to fly to New York for a shopping trip? No problem, Hire a guy to follow me around for a month and give me foot rubs while I work? Done! It's MY money, I worked long and hard to earn it, and damnit I am not just going to throw it away on unnecessary food because I'm too lazy to use one app to eat healthy!


This list will change as I revise them to make more sense. If you have suggestions on a rule that should be added or changed let me know in the comments below and I will address it!

To calculate your health points: For the next two months, enter everything that enters your mouth into a recipe on the DIY-Soylent website. It will give you a percentage complete based on your nutritional profile. Average out the percentage complete for 60 days and this is your Health points. (Add them all up and divide by 60)

For example, if you wanted to Start with a score of 100, you could use Spartan Supper to generate your menu for 60 days. It will assemble 100% nutritionally complete minimalist menus to save you time and money while maxing out your health points.

In the past 60 days:
If you have consumed High Fructose Corn Syrup (in most sweet & cheap things like soda) subtract 10 points
If you used tobacco or alcohol subtract 30 points each
If you have used hard drugs (Meth, Crack, Pharmaceuticals, Molly, etc) in the last five years, subtract 50 points

For every 5 minutes of exercise/high aerobic activity in your day, add one health point
Aerobic activity helps activate your lymphatic system which helps detoxify your body. Taking fully deep breaths also helps your lymph nodes function. You want to get dizzy? Breathe in and out fully for 30 breaths. This will alkalize your blood and make you dizzy, but don't do it very often or you will lose health points. You are better off exercising because it will also release endorphins which will make you happy!

Remember, don't make it a chore or it wont be fun. Try incorporating more activity into your day. Take the stairs over the elevator and learn more about free running because it makes getting around so much more fun. At that point the world becomes your playground.

“But I have to work! I don't have time for that!”
So dance! It is an incredible emotionally expressive workout that almost everyone finds attractive in a partner. It will make your life more loving. You can dance with a cold heart, but you won't be having very much fun.

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