Saturday, December 26, 2015

MAXMADE Charging Your Phone and Jumpstarting Your Car

Merry Christmas Everybody!

It's totally not about the gifts, but it is a tradition to go over to my sisters house for Christmas and she usually picks some pretty useful gifts! My mom (You can call her Grand) got a MAXMADE 11,000 mAh charger for her tablet and phone, but what makes this unit awesome is the jumper cable attachment that will allow it to put out up to 400 amps of power to start your car when the battery is low.

She can plug her Tablet and Phone in at the same time using the 2 amp and 1 amp usb ports.
I used it to charge my Syma X13 Mini Quadcopter and it worked great! I could take it out to the park and be charging six batteries, AT THE SAME TIME with the Maxmade while another one is being used in the copter to extend your flying time out in the field! 5 minutes per flight x 7 batteries + 6 minutes to cool down between discharging and charging / 30 minutes per charge = CONSTANT FLYING TIME!!! Fly until YOU want to go in. Way better than most one battery setups that can be flown for 5 minutes, cooled down for another 5 and have to be charged for 30. Thats like 14% flying time vs 100% flying time.

Depending on what charger you use it can take from 6-12 hours to charge but it can recharge my favorite Galaxy Note 2 several times before being completely drained. It even comes with a leather zip-up pack to protect the unit and all the cables in one neat unit that can slide under your seat!

Happy Charging!

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