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Delicious Nutritionally Complete Smoothie in the Vitamix with Spartan Supper

I have talked in previous posts about Spartan Supper pulling ingredients from the USDA nutritional database and creating a nutritionally complete set of foods to consume for the day. There are 1,000,000,000,000,000 possible combinations and not all of them will taste like the next big shake, but out of a quadrillion recipes you are bound to find a few you like.

I personally enjoy this nutritionally complete shake.
It costs roughly $60-70 (as of Dec 2015) for enough ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements for two people for a week. The ingredients are prepared and bagged on day one so days 2-6 are (add ingredients, add water, blend for 15 seconds and serve, then fill blender with water, add a drop of antibacterial soap, then blend again, rinse, and dry! It really is that easy.

As an added bonus, if you use wide mouth pint mason jars, you can split the shake up into three, four, six, or however many meals you want for the day and keep them in the fridge! The lids and rings that come with them will usually rust pretty quickly which I don't usually mind unless I can taste it. When I went to buy replacement lids I got these BPA FREE lids with these silicone seals for a leak proof dishwasher safe combo that works great!

The majority of my day is spent on the move. There are mornings when I negotiate not eating breakfast in order to hit the snooze button one more time. Not healthy because I am almost always hungry. Until the hunger subsides and I start running off my fats (good thing I try to only eat healthy long chained ones!) My eating schedule is erratic and I never know when I am going to have time to get something wholesome to eat.

Recently I invested in a Vitamix 7500 and I am more than happy with the results. I have a blender that I rarely use, but the vitamix is a whole different beast altogether. I use it every single day, sometimes multiple times per day. But when I tell people it's a $500 blender they look at me and laugh. "COME ON!" they say, "Why would you ever spend $500 on a blender? You can get a ninja for less than $100!"  

If the $500 price tag is sticker shock for you, consider getting a factory refurbished unit which would save you almost half of the cost (and you don't have to tell anyone...mine is!) It comes with an EIGHT YEAR WARRANTY and did I mention it's MADE IN AMERICA, BY AMERICANS (Unlike some countries where people aren't treated like people.). They are expected to last 25+ years with daily use and many see life beyond that!

Why is a Refurbished Vitamix($300) Better than Ninja($100)?

It can make the flavors of a little garlic and rosemary and basil pop in a marinara. I can whip eggs with cilantro, jalopeno, garlic, and onion in my favorite Kerrygold butter in five seconds. With a vitamix you can bring out a lot of flavor from a little spice.

Almond milk without soy lecithin! It is known that Soy lecithin affects our estrogen levels (SOURCE), but it is not known exactly how. Soy lecithin is an emulsifier (helps keep peanut butter and almond milk from separating) and it is cheap, so it is in many processed products. I put 3 parts water to 1 part whole almonds in the vitamix and make PURE Almond milk! If you dislike the almond pulp that remains after blending you can filter it through a nut milk bag and get all the chunks out!

Flours are another awesome thing you can do.
My grocery store sells barley (high in manganese, molybdenum, selenium, fiber, copper, b1, b3, chromium, phosphorus, and magnesium.), but it is whole shelled kernels so you usually have to soak them before adding them to a shake. Not with a Vitamix. You can put a pound of grains into the vitamix and turn it to high, the vitamix will pulverize the kernels into barley flour that can be measured and spooned into a shake, or kneaded into bread, barley pancakes, whatever.

Butters! I havent tried making cow milk butter, but if you put peanuts in a vitamix and turn it on you get chopped peanuts. The higher the number the finer the chop until you turn it high enough to make peanut better. Look on the side of your peanut butter jar, there is usually sugar (or worse, High Fructose Cron Syrup) some hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil (which will statistically lead to higher chances of cardiovascular problems) and even with all of these fillers and stabilizers it's still sold as a premium product!

Peanuts and a Vitamix are cheaper in the long run and WAY better for you. No hydrogenated oils, no filler. Just peanuts, or almonds, or cashews, or hazlenuts, even mix and match to suit YOUR tastes. Not some company with a bottom line's tastes, they like the way money tastes. Have you tasted money? It tastes like shit, and for good reason! One in ten bills has fecal colony forming bacteria on it. Gross.

My favorite things to make in the Vitamix are smoothies. 1 bag of smoothie ingredients that you prepped ahead of time and froze. 1 cup of hot water, milk, kefir, etc. it has to be hot to help unfreeze some of the ingredients so you don't just make a fruit and vegetable ice cream. Which reminds me.

Ice creams/frozen yogurts/sorbets etc are all a flick of the switch away in a vitamix. If you throw frozen cherries and a teaspoon/tablespoon of cacao powder into the vitamix and turn it up, you vill quickly get chocolate cherry sorbet without the added crap to make it shelf stable!

Heck if you add straight ice cubes and turn it to 10 it will make snow! Add tomatoes and salt, turn it to 10 and leave it for 5 minutes to make STEAMING HOT TOMATO SOUP!  It's nuts.

This is getting back to nutrition! Your mother should have told you, chew your vegetables completely before you swallow. Chewing is an appetite suppressant AND it breaks down your food creating more surface area for the bacteria in your gut to get in there and prepare the nutrients for absorbtion. The Vitamix creates lots of surface area and if you add some nuts at the end of the shake they will come out in bigger chunks so you can chew on them as you drink.


“THE UPLIFTER” A nutritionally complete lacto-ovo vegetarian shake with Spartan Supper

1 tsp Vanilla

4 shakes Cinnamon

2 shakes Nutmeg

0.7 g Iodized Salt

60 g Nuts, almonds

162 g Broccoli, raw

63 g Barley, hulled & milled in vitamix

500 g Bananas, raw

100 g Apples, raw, gala, with skin

56 g Spinach, raw

2.1 g nutritional yeast

14 g Nuts, walnuts, english

28 g Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried

536 g Yogurt, plain, whole milk, 8 grams protein per 8 ounce

200 g Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled

1 portion Outside time, 15 minutes, raw without sunscreen

*OPTIONAL Add a handful of Peanuts at the end for a nut benefit bonanza that satiates you as you chew!

NOTE: this isn't something you can or should slam in one sitting. Your body can only absorb so many nutrients at a time so spacing things out into several (3-6) meals is better for you.

On grocery day bust out your kitchen scale and quart/gallon freezer bags. I like this scale because it looks clean and has a stainless steel measuring bowl for measuring and mixing.
Measure out each ingredient and put it in your bags. Move the bags to the freezer when you are preparing a new ingredient so you don't start wild fermenting your smoothies on your counter while you prep! When you get to barley, you can get barley flour, or if you have a Vitamix just add the kernels and turn it up to eleven! The tamper helps circulate stuck ingredients but make sure you start with a dry container. Vitamix sells a flour/drygoods container, but unless you need to make light and fluffy flours like Caputo 00 I use the under the cabinet container that came with mine and it works just fine! I have no doubt the standard high and tight container will work equally well. If you want to go all out, THIS KIT has a Vitamix 7500, wet container, dry container, two personal containers, tamper, the baking cookbook, AND the Vitamix cookbook.

Once you have your mixes portioned out you can open the freezer once per day, grab a bag of mix and fill a mason jar with hot water. Put both into the vitamix and turn it on. How much water you add determines the consistency so find out how much you like.

I like snacking so I split my banana intake to two in the shake, three during the day. I usually eat the hard boiled eggs separate because I love them, it is barely distinguishable when you add it with everything else, there is A LOT of flavor going on.

If you are afraid of trying new ingredients, adding them to a shake like this will help you ease into it until it is second nature. My server at subway told me she was afraid of spinach in a smoothie because it is healthy.

One Banana, Spinach, Peanut and hemp seed smoothie later I had changed her mind. Booyah wholesome foods!

You made it all the way to the bottom of this passion rant about my love for Spartan Supper and my Vitamix. I would suggest you check out both because I am very happy with them.

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