Friday, November 27, 2015

Improving your health and the environment with a Squatty Potty

DISCLAIMER: The following post talks about bowel movements. Most people get uncomfortable talking about it. Probably because they don't squat, so it is actually uncomfortable. This is my attempt at alleviating that built-up-feeling that comes with talking about poop...I'm just going to let it out...

Imagine you are camping and nature calls, that awkward amalgamation of don't-get-it-on-your-pants and just-get-it-out. Unless you bring a people potty camping and doggie bag your crap, you probably have some level of experience squatting to let the butt-bus of bacteria off at their stop. However, did you ever stop to notice how relieving it is once it's out? Probably not, your brain is too distracted by the dirt and the bark and the bugs to worry about how your intestines feel.

What if I told you that getting back to nature with your pooping was better posture? Think about the human body. We have only had toilets for the last few hundred years, but we have had butts forever. Naturally it is easiest to squat to let it out or you risk getting a back end load all over our front end.

As Professor Hinkle always said “Messy messy messy!”
(bonus points if you knew the reference to frosty the snowman)

When you squat, your intestines line up and your butt bus driver doesn't have to navigate through a spaghetti curve every time it needs to make a stop. That would be a pain in the butt.

So what are you going to do, squat on the toilet? Of course you are, your health depends on that and several other factors. Over three quarters of your immune health comes from your digestive tract. A happy poo is a happy you.

You could stack phone books up and squat on them to do your business in the toilet, or if you don't want to have to put them away every time you can also get a stool that slides under your toilet bowl when not in use so you can still stand in front of and sit on the toilet like normal. I saw an advertisement for one called the Squatty Potty and I thought it was a joke so I looked it up and there is a whole Squatty Potty community out there! They have the beginners 7 inch model and a healthier 9 inch model. They even have a Squatty Potty made from Renewable Bamboo!
p.s. Leave No Trace Camping with a 5 gallon bucket and attachable toilet lid so you can take your waste home and compost it. Pack in Pack out! If you already have a 5 gallon bucket you can just buy the seat/lid. However, some people have mentioned trouble fitting the lid to their bucket. Place the seat upside down on the ground. Flip the bucket upside down, place it on top of the seat and apply pressure to the bucket. This will give you an even pressure across the entire lid. When you try it the other way (pressing the seat on the bucket) the seat can flex and misalign the latches, resulting in no snap.

Make the most of your movements! Live a lighter, brighter life with the Squatty Potty!

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