Friday, November 27, 2015

Amazon Prime's No Hastle, Last Second Cancelation program.

This is a place holder for a post about how easy it is to cancel your amazon prime 30 day free trial.

Google: "cancel amazon prime" or let me google that for you!

click the first non-sponsored link: (

You might have to sign in to Amazon at this point, then BAM! You hit the landing page. Click END MEMBERSHIP if you want to cancel for good, or you have the option to switch to monthly payments instead.

I timed myself, it took me 36 seconds start to finish. If you wanted to cancel and you are on this page, I just saved you 30 seconds!

Here is the kicker: If you cancel before your 30 days is up, Amazon will let you keep trying it for the full 30 days with all the prime benefits, and they will cancel it for you at the last second on the last day. Is that not awesome!?!?!

With all the benefits of Amazon Prime I choose to keep it because:
It's cheaper than Netflix and also includes the Amazon Prime Video included free with prime.
I cant stand the advertisements on Pandora, but Amazon Music is ad-free, included free with prime.
I have gotten deliveries in under two hours with the Prime now app, included free with prime.
I have gotten deliveries in under twenty minutes for $8 with the prime now app. You have to pay extra to get deliveries in under an hour, but your time is valuable.

If a Prime 2 day delivery is later than 2 days, you get a free month of Prime!

In the end, it's your choice, but I choose Prime!

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