Friday, November 27, 2015

Extend wifi over one mile with a High Power Outdoor CPE Access Point

When I went to college, I frequently found myself without wifi and I was using SO MUCH DATA. It wasn't funny, not even close. I needed a way to save data, so I pulled an old satellite dish out of the dumpster, bounced the wifi signal off of the dish and onto a Belkin USB WIFI adapter on a 50 foot  USB extension cable. It wasn't very rain proof, but it worked if I was in the garage or the barn, and wanted to listen to Pandora. I could pick up enough of a signal to surf the web and post to instructables from a quarter mile away!

The instructables about how I did it is HERE and it got decently popular, (over 200k views!)
People message me asking questions on building their unit. I moved around a lot, so I couldn't take my unit with me, but that is ok because I have upgraded to a smaller, much more effective model now that costs about the same price and doesn't require very much putting together. It even comes with a zip tie to attach it to your pole/branch/house/etc!

The TP-LINK High Power Outdoor CPE/Access Points (you need two to be most effective)
and  250 foot CAT5 cable or save 50 bucks and get two 100 foot cat5 cables instead so you can position the access points where you need them.

It is about a tenth of the size, and since it has a directional antenna, it can use it's transmission power to shoot the signal as for as you can see. OVER A MILE!  It shot full strength WIFI all over the yard, down to the garage/barn. Even down the street to the neighbors house! If you have a direct line of sight to the adapter, you can get wifi!

You can do it several different ways depending on how you want to go about it.

You will get the longest range if you get two (2) adapters and face them directly at each other. They have directional antennas and a signal meter directly on the unit so you can see when it is in the best spot. The unit says 5km+ range with a line of sight from one access point to the other.

The next most effective is using it as a router and shooting the signal directly at the receiving device (computer, tablet, what have you) however the range in this mode is drastically reduced, but I could pick up signal 100 yards or so through light woods.

You can also use it as an adapter to receive a wifi signal and turn it into a cat 5 signal that can be plugged into a computer, or a router at the other end so you can have wifi in another building. However this method can go from the least effective to the most effective by getting a second unit and aiming them at each other to make a high speed wireless data tunnel. The reason is that wifi routers shoot the signal in every direction so you can pick it up in all parts of your house. These routers have long range directional antennas that focus all of the energy in one very specific direction so you can shoot it much much further. In this case over a mile!

The units are weatherproof and can be powered via cat 5 cable so they can be positioned up to 300 feet away from your home router. Got an old phone or utility pole? Can you hoist a pole up above the tree line? You can get internet.

Amazon Prime's No Hastle, Last Second Cancelation program.

This is a place holder for a post about how easy it is to cancel your amazon prime 30 day free trial.

Google: "cancel amazon prime" or let me google that for you!

click the first non-sponsored link: (

You might have to sign in to Amazon at this point, then BAM! You hit the landing page. Click END MEMBERSHIP if you want to cancel for good, or you have the option to switch to monthly payments instead.

I timed myself, it took me 36 seconds start to finish. If you wanted to cancel and you are on this page, I just saved you 30 seconds!

Here is the kicker: If you cancel before your 30 days is up, Amazon will let you keep trying it for the full 30 days with all the prime benefits, and they will cancel it for you at the last second on the last day. Is that not awesome!?!?!

With all the benefits of Amazon Prime I choose to keep it because:
It's cheaper than Netflix and also includes the Amazon Prime Video included free with prime.
I cant stand the advertisements on Pandora, but Amazon Music is ad-free, included free with prime.
I have gotten deliveries in under two hours with the Prime now app, included free with prime.
I have gotten deliveries in under twenty minutes for $8 with the prime now app. You have to pay extra to get deliveries in under an hour, but your time is valuable.

If a Prime 2 day delivery is later than 2 days, you get a free month of Prime!

In the end, it's your choice, but I choose Prime!

Improving your health and the environment with a Squatty Potty

DISCLAIMER: The following post talks about bowel movements. Most people get uncomfortable talking about it. Probably because they don't squat, so it is actually uncomfortable. This is my attempt at alleviating that built-up-feeling that comes with talking about poop...I'm just going to let it out...

Imagine you are camping and nature calls, that awkward amalgamation of don't-get-it-on-your-pants and just-get-it-out. Unless you bring a people potty camping and doggie bag your crap, you probably have some level of experience squatting to let the butt-bus of bacteria off at their stop. However, did you ever stop to notice how relieving it is once it's out? Probably not, your brain is too distracted by the dirt and the bark and the bugs to worry about how your intestines feel.

What if I told you that getting back to nature with your pooping was better posture? Think about the human body. We have only had toilets for the last few hundred years, but we have had butts forever. Naturally it is easiest to squat to let it out or you risk getting a back end load all over our front end.

As Professor Hinkle always said “Messy messy messy!”
(bonus points if you knew the reference to frosty the snowman)

When you squat, your intestines line up and your butt bus driver doesn't have to navigate through a spaghetti curve every time it needs to make a stop. That would be a pain in the butt.

So what are you going to do, squat on the toilet? Of course you are, your health depends on that and several other factors. Over three quarters of your immune health comes from your digestive tract. A happy poo is a happy you.

You could stack phone books up and squat on them to do your business in the toilet, or if you don't want to have to put them away every time you can also get a stool that slides under your toilet bowl when not in use so you can still stand in front of and sit on the toilet like normal. I saw an advertisement for one called the Squatty Potty and I thought it was a joke so I looked it up and there is a whole Squatty Potty community out there! They have the beginners 7 inch model and a healthier 9 inch model. They even have a Squatty Potty made from Renewable Bamboo!
p.s. Leave No Trace Camping with a 5 gallon bucket and attachable toilet lid so you can take your waste home and compost it. Pack in Pack out! If you already have a 5 gallon bucket you can just buy the seat/lid. However, some people have mentioned trouble fitting the lid to their bucket. Place the seat upside down on the ground. Flip the bucket upside down, place it on top of the seat and apply pressure to the bucket. This will give you an even pressure across the entire lid. When you try it the other way (pressing the seat on the bucket) the seat can flex and misalign the latches, resulting in no snap.

Make the most of your movements! Live a lighter, brighter life with the Squatty Potty!

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned in this post they can be found here. When you order something through this blog, or our Amazon Shop or sign up for an Amazon Prime 30 day free trial with it's no hassle, last second cancellation program. Project Upcycle gets a small percentage so we can continue to make the world a better place to live. Think of it as "Thanks for spending the hours to figure this out and make it easier for me." and for that, You're welcome. Thank you for taking YOUR time to read it.