Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have been getting several hints in life to write more, so I wrote this and I figured I would post it up here. Feel free to read it, rap it, write it, remix it whatever's clever as long as you give me credit. If you make any money off of the work or any derivative work, please donate to the project.

Think about all the time
you wasted working for the dime
two thirds of your life go by
before you realize
that from the beginning, life was worth living
it's not what you get but what you have given
your body is temporary, so is your mind
your perspective will change as you're moving through time
your stop's coming up have you written your line?
Because God doesn't stop if you want to rewind.

And what of your stuff? These things that you cherish?
Are they going to last you until you should perish?
Or are they just trash with a use for some time.
With a fate in a hill just like you and I?

But CDs don't rot, computers and clocks
they were mined from the ground and drained from the rock
reacted with heat and formed into blocks
Cut up and molded and made into stock
Then thrown away, buried, without going back
to the oil they were, and not even cracked
and used once again as a bag or a box
In a space in a hole in the ground sit our clocks

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