Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Project Upcycle has been working had the last few weeks and we wanted to give you all an update!

First, the house has a working off-grid-tie toilet that functionally drains into the septic system! So that's a good thing. The holding tank leaks though...but then again, it was thrown away because it leaked.

The mushrooms are fruiting bountifully and the blocks are colonizing nicely, we had a few blocks ready to dehydrate, but it rained and hydrated them, no worries, we donated the resulting “oops” mushrooms to Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza who served them on their pies this last Sunday!

We are looking for a local source of 55 gallon drums, and 12-14 inch heavy walled steel pipe. We would like to build a gasifier to run Adventure. Since we already need tree trimmings for our hugelkultur gardens, the gasifier would serve to run us all around town on wood that we pick up. We could travel greater distances for parts that we need, and best of all, we could take road trips across the country to host workshops in a town near you!

Also, we are planning some experiments with HCL and NAOH from the electrolysis of salt water, using them as cleaning agents, then neutralizing one with the other to create salt water that can be distilled out into pure water and salt. Amazing acidic and alkaline cleaning power then back to neutral? Yea, we think it might be something we want to experiment with.

As soon as the weather clears up I am going to record and post a video on how to install trailer wiring, then we can start to pick up materials and start building systems, which means I will get several more videos up so you can learn from and improve on our ideas to make this an amazing open source collaboration of knowledge! Because that is what we want. Clean, green, energy, and we don't want to rely on big solar to provide it. You, your neighbor, us, working together to power the world.

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