Monday, December 31, 2012

Ecomodding and hypermiling

One way to "go green" is to reduce your fuel useage. The easiest way to do that is by getting a smaller vehicle. However most people cant afford this luxury, so the next best thing to do is to aeromod your current vehicle. Most vehicles are not aerodynamically clean and possess a fairly large amount of aero drag. By installing several easy mods to your vehicle, you can increase your fuel efficiency by 25 to as much as 50 percent.

These mods include:
Wheel well covers
Boat tail
Belly pan
Front air block
Radiator block
Instant fuel economy gauge such as The scangauge or mpguino.

More advanced modifications include a fuel injection cutoff switch, lean burn indicator, solar charged alternator bypass switch, and deep cycle electric assist.

The easiest way to increase your fuel efficiency is to adjust the nut behind the wheel. This can be done with an instant mileage gauge and a few hours driving.

These modifications as well as hypermiling instruction can increase fuel efficiency well over 40% better fuel efficiency.

If you are interested in decreasing your dependance on foreign oil just drop us an email at (remove the 999)

Also we are looking for a 3 or 4 cylinder engine, standard transmission vehicle manufactured after 1996 so that we can perform fuel economy experements and find ways to increase efficiency even further. You can email us at the above email if you have a vehicle you think we would be interested in.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Project Up-Cycle Part 1-ish (planning)

Well Im about to get busy busy busy!!!!!! Santas sleigh motorcycle? Horse drawn Santas sleigh carriage ? Does anybody buy horse drawn carriages anymore? DELIVERING PRESENTS TO NEEDY CHILDREN DRESSED LIKE SANTA?

The bike is going to have three attachment points to the Up-cycle fairing. Before construction of the fairing, I could Build a "Santas sleigh" cutout and affix it to the frame so that I could ride around in santa's sleigh, dressed up in a Santa cool would that be? I would put a donation bucket in the back that says what I am doing so people can donate to help fund Christmas for the underprivileged.

Now, If I could get a hold of a small trailer axle, that would be beautiful. I would use the attachment points to build a three wheeled sleigh, so that I could take on a passenger (child or a parent) I would rig up several 12v deep cycle car batteries to power a hot cocoa maker and a cookie warmer, perhaps have an air traffic control radio so Santa can talk to pilots when he is flying. It would be a wicked awesome Santas sleigh.

The way I see it, Santa is one thousand seven hundred and forty-two years old (as of 2012, born 270), his reindeer are actually horses and they are approximately the same age, so flying from house to house is out of the question. The horses are just too old to fly so much. So Santa will land in a neighborhood and unleash the horses, they will walk about in the childrens yards eating the food the children left out. If the bag is small enough Santa can just walk through the neighborhood delivering presents. But for larger deliveries, an elf accompanies him to drive the sleigh while santa hops out at every house and delivers presents.

Anyway I am off the point. The sleigh needs to comfortable enough to deliver presents to around two BILLION children each year. so you would want modern day amenities like a hot cocoa maker or a cookie warmer to keep the fresh baked cookies warm that Mrs. Clause baked for me.

What else should modern Santas sleigh have?

This ties in to the Up-Cycle build because eventually I am going to need to build a side car attachment to support the batteries when I convert the bike to electric. When Christmas is over I can take the sleigh cover off and replace it with a streamliner fairing so I can ride the bike around and not blow Santas cover.

What do you think? Good idea?