Thursday, July 19, 2012

Youtube Video Contest!

ProjectUpcycle is launching a Youtube video contest! The rules are simple, make your video as green as possible and submit it as a response to this video. In the video I want you to sing the lyrics below to the song "revolution" by the Beatles. I will pick the top videos and send you a pair of upcycled solar waste earrings!

The song:


New Lyrics:
You say you want a new solution
"go green you know"
but how are you gonna change the world?

you say I'll drive a hybrid fusion
Thats great you go!
but in the end its all still oil.

we need to think more about permacuture farms
so we can reverse our years of massive harm

we need to be more green, in our lives
you dont know what i mean, its alright
I can teach you these things, do it right.

The sun can power all your systems
And wind you know?
Green power's coming off the shelf

And All youve got to do is listen
Questions and notes
and you can do it all yourself.

and if you take lots of pictures and video
Ill link to your builds-so everyone else can know!

we're gonna be more green, in our lives
now you know what i mean, thats right.
and now you can teach these things, do it right.

My song ends with the guitar solo here 

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