Wednesday, July 4, 2012

San Antonio is giving away free gas!

Yes there is a catch, you have to go to the library every once and a while, and you have to drive an electric vehicle.

In a news release by the City of San Antonio Communications Office it was announced that the city will offer six electric vehicle charging stations for free to the public.

Central Library Garage [one charger] 600 Soledad St.
San Antonio International Airport Long-Term Parking Garage [two chargers] 9800 Airport Blvd.
Houston Street Garage [Two chargers] 240 E. Houston St.
Marina Garage [one charger] 850 E. Commerce St.
St. Mary's Street Garage [one charger] 400 N. St. Mary's St.
Thousand Oaks Library [one charger] 4618 Thousand Oaks
The mayor says this is a step toward making San Antonio EV Ready.

So San Antonio is offering free gas to electric car users that is generated using renewable energy [Did you know the majority of San Antonio's power is generated 200 miles to the northwest?  The wind turbine fields of West Texas account for most of San Antonio's needs.] That's pretty cool in my book!

This raises the question, would you buy an EV if your city offered free charging stations? Would you be willing to spend more on an electric vehicle because of the savings in gas?


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