Monday, July 2, 2012

Four packs of ramen and a box of mac&cheese

So I have a bunch of packs of chicken flavored ramen in my cupboard and I'm not exactly in the mood to just eat chicken ramen. So I got creative and came up with a few things that you may or may not like. Here you go:

Ramen Pad Thai:
I found this recipe forever long ago and it called for
1 oriental ramen packet [I had chicken, so I used chicken, both are good]
3 dollops chunky/extra chunky peanut butter
½ cup chopped chives/onion grass
Garlic and pepper to taste
Beansprouts are an optional but yummy crunchy addition
Siracha always makes things better (also optional I guess)

Cook the ramen to your liking, stir everything else in, draw a siracha hakuna matata [hot] or smiley face [mild] and eat.

My opinion: I like it, a lot actually. I won't eat ramen plain anymore if I have peanut butter and chives, and chives grow in the backyard.

///note: a backyard garden is AWESOME for this kind of stuff. Peppers, chives, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, lettuce and cucumbers AWWE YEA! How do you get started? That part is easy, take the seeds from anything you buy and germinate them between two pieces of moist paper towel. After a week in the germination tray [keeping it moist] you will have found your survivors, the seeds that grew the biggest and strongest put them in the ground. Apply regular water and in no time you will have huge healthy plants that you can use to make awesome recipes like this! Try it in a Lettuce bowl for more color!

If you take pics of any of these recipes you made I will put them up here or on facebook!

Summer Ramen:

1 pack of ramen without flavor pack
Ranch dressing to taste
Siracha makes everything better

Cook and drain ramen noodles, toss them in ranch dressing, siracha to taste.

Opinions: I grew up eating summer spaghetti [Ranch and spaghetti noodles w/siracha] so the idea wasn't too far fetched for me. I offered it to my roomate and she looked at me like I was crazy. So I guess that it's an acquired taste. I like it, especially if you chill the noodles in the freezer for a few minutes before tossing in the ranch.

Ramen Popcorn?

Ok this might sound crazy but I have a popcorn popper and I love popcorn; so I am always trying to come up with new flavors which is wicked fun. I was making summer ramen one day and I threw the flavor packet on top of the popcorn machine as a place to keep it till I use it for something, not something I usually do, the only other ramen packet I have stored is in my closet. Anyways I was making popcorn and decided to throw in the flavor packet. GREAT IDEA.

1 Ramen flavor packet [your choice]
1tbs extra virgin olive oil [or in my case corn oil]
½ cup popcorn kernels

Take a 20 cup bowl and add your oil and flavor packet, stir until it makes a paste. As your popcorn begins to pop, stir it into the oil/flavor mix until the kernels are evenly coated.

NUTRITION ALERT: ½ cup popcorn + 1 ramen flavor packet+1tbs oil comes in at a whopping 230 calories per BOWL. Thats right, an all to your self sitting on the couch watching reruns of a show you have seen a million times bowl of ramen popcorn is only 230 calories. Comparitavely, a small fry from mcdonalds is also 230 calories.

Not ramen related but while we are on the subject of popcorn,

Cheesy yummy popcorn (probably my favorite way of eating popcorn)

½ cup popcorn kernels
1tbs extra virgin olive oil [or in my case corn oil]
1 cheese packet from a mac and cheese box

Toss your plain popcorn in oil, then drizzle the cheese powder on top, consume.


Chicken noodle soup

1 box macaroni [your box of now cheeseless mac&cheese would be good for this]
1 packet of chicken related ramen flavor [spicy chicken, creamy chicken, what have you]
½ cup chopped onions/chives/onion grass
1 cup cabbage or leaf spinach chopped loosely
Siracha to taste
½ cup of chicken or chicken substitute [quorn makes some really good ones] optional

Make the macaroni and add other ingredients. ///Note: Soup is easy

So now we have one pack of flavorless ramen left over.

Ramen Stroganoff:

1 pack flavorless ramen
1 block cream cheese
½ can cream of whatever
meat to taste

Cook the cream cheese and cream of whatever soup on low heat till the cheese melts and becomes this amazing mixture of awesome. Add this mixture to your noodle of choice, in this case ramen but usually I like it in macaroni noodles because I can buy them by the truckload so its cheaper. Anyways this is the most awesome dish ever, and I highly recommend it.

Shopping list:
4 Ramen packs
2 block cream cheese
1 can cream of whatever
peanut butter
1 box mac&cheese
1 bag of popcorn kernels

Things I had to buy, cream cheese, cream of whatever, and beansprouts. Works for me.
Makes:5 meals and 3 snacks.

I hope this helps someone eat cheap while still eating healthy!

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