Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eco Comunity within 45 minutes of Downtown Austin Texas

An awesome campground is up for sale  in Lockhart Texas, just outside Austin via 183 south or the 130 toll road. This property has on and off grid potential, electric lines running through one side and off grid on the other. If I can generate enough interest in this idea to break even in 5 years I can get a loan to purchase the property.

I want to turn this 20 acres of land into an eco-paridise. I can build a solar array to power the off grid size, the property is in the process of building a community garden, and it can support 35 amp electric hookups for each house.

I am in the process of building the first model eco home from all natural materials powered by solar cells.

My question is, if I was to purchase this property, how many people would be willing to move and commute into town? What if an "into town shuttle" was provided or free EV hookups?

If I can get enough support this can become a reality, eating the plants and animals that are raised there, eliminating waste, and living the eco-dream.

The property has a 2 bedroom 2 bath house and 2 rvs on the property already so that people can live here while the eco dream is built!

Can I count you in?


  1. Hello there, I am a regular out there at Lazy J and I was wondering what it would cost to rent the large RV?

    1. Jan says it's $35 for two, $7 each after that. We don't own the property (we cant afford it on our own and need support from people to make it a reality.) If we did buy the property though, You could still come out and camp even after the conversion, we might even teach you a thing or two about green energy!

  2. Great vision ... but have you checked into the water resources? Without a reliable source of water, it doesn't matter how eco-friendly you make it.

    I don't see any surface water resources on the property (small retention pond that likely dries up in summer months) and groundwater is likely to require fairly deep well(s) into the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer and then power for the pumping.

    If there is a plan for well water, I may be interested in working your land to experiment with an mini eco-community. I have full intention in transitioning into a totally sustainable permaculture lifestyle and know of a few others with a similar interest but we have no land to work ... yet.

    - roberto

    1. There are two ponds that are still full in the summer heat, and there is an old lake in the corner of the property that can be restored if a retaining wall is built along one side.

      If we can get enough interest in the project we can buy the property and begin conversion to an eco paradise. Get all your friends to comment on this post and my post on

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