Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ProjectUpcycle is on Etsy!

We were all sitting around talking about what to do with all of this "solar shard", or at least thats what we call it. Basically cells that have been broken past the solder line are unuseable, also there are a few scoops of broken bits and pieces that falls to the bottom of the box when we get it from the manufacturer. So there is no shortage of the stuff.

What better way to show your interest in green energy than wearing pieces of solar cells as pendants, earrings, charms, necklaces, bracelets etc...and what better way for us to get the word out than by having you wear our super awesome green jewelry.

Also, if I find a particularly awesome set of coins I will probably make them into something cool too.

Proceeds go to fund the project, we want to get some how-to videos up to show you guys a hands on look of what we do. So go on, check out the shop! If you find something you like, thats awesome, if not, check back later because I am always going to be adding new things!

Got a suggestion? Send it to!

Note: Only the bullet necklaces were able to be loaded tonight, the camera crapped out on us when we tried to take pictures of the solar pendants.

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